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Bathrooms and laundry rooms

We all have different lifestyles and preferences. But when it comes to creating a balanced interior at home, you should also plan the bathroom and laundry room while planning the kitchen. That way you will get your own comfortable and stylish space.

Compact laundry rooms

The laundry room is a mini space, where everything is at hand, everything is functional, compact, where there is space for dirty and clean clothes, as well as for ironing board and built-in appliances, with many convenient shelves and compartments. Tell us about your plans, check out the catalogs in our Hausmaster showroom, and we'll plan a cost-effective household space for convenient use.

Cozy bathrooms

Our experts offer you almost endless freedom of combinations and designs for a bathroom that perfectly suits your life and home. All elements can be combined to create your own individuality which looks great every day. You get high quality and modern bathroom, laundry room and storage room furniture.

While white used to be the trend, one thing is clear now: gray can also make people happy! Dark gray, graphite and even black are a plethora of colors for bathroom furniture facades, while a new and modern ceramic countertop with marble texture and a large framed mirror give you a new perspective on coziness and style. Details just like aesthetics are something that has been sorely lacking. There's joy in every single thing!

Storage rooms: a place for every item

A storage room is a place that holds everything that shouldn't be in sight. Often all this stuff forms such a chaos that it's impossible to find something quickly. To keep the space organized, we can work together and discuss the best option for you, where every item, every thing will find its own place. You'll get enclosed shelves to minimize cleaning, convenient fixtures, and just the right amount of compartments to keep your pantry in order.