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Kitchen appliance brands

Hausmaster is ready to offer you the perfect turnkey kitchen, i.e. the entire complex for your kitchen space, including built-in appliances. When choosing built-in kitchen appliances in Hausmaster showroom, you can expect the highest quality, advanced technology and stylish design. We are exclusive partners of the world's leading brands NEFF, SIEMENS, ELICA, KAISER, and we can advise you on the brand, based on the style of the kitchen you choose.

NEFF is one of the prestigious brands available in the Hausmaster catalog. This premium built-in kitchen appliances are known for their innovative design and advanced technology. NEFF appliances are distinguished by their unparalleled quality and functionality, allowing you to create the ideal conditions for cooking.

SIEMENS is also one of the leading brands in the Linea kitchen range. This global appliance manufacturer is known for its innovative approach to design and advanced technology. Many SIEMENS models are available here exclusively for Israel, allowing you to enjoy the most advanced developments in the world of kitchen appliances.

ELICA is the world's leading manufacturer of hoods. What makes ELICA a special brand for complete kitchens is their convenient and popular downward exhaust hood technology, which is especially relevant for gas stoves. This allows for the most efficient removal of odors and steam, ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment in your kitchen.

KAISER is a brand of the German company OLAN-Haushaltsgerate, which offers built-in appliances ideal for different kitchen styles, such as Chateau or American Linea style. KAISER products are reliable, functional and have a classic aesthetic design, allowing you to create a stylish and distinctive kitchen.

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