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How can you start choosing a kitchen? What are your priorities? The German kitchen manufacturer Linea, the industry leader since 1945 until today, pays attention to every possible wish and can anticipate your expectations. As it often happens, we start our work with the kitchen style. It is important to understand what you like, what your lifestyle is, what you need your kitchen for. The modern kitchen is not just a place to cook and eat. It is a multi-purpose space, a place for socializing, comfort, hobbies, and meetings. Whichever style of kitchen you choose, you are guaranteed to get a kitchen of the highest quality that will delight you for many years, where you will enjoy an ambiance of maximum comfort.

Loft-style kitchens – modern and all-in-one spaces

Loft is the design of rooms in a minimalist style with free space. This is the maximum freedom of all excess, all lines are as straight as possible, the surfaces have no cavities. Loft style is easily recognized by minimal decorations and tendency towards severe design. At the same time it is the maximum convenience and minimum effort required to take care of closed shelves. Our customers appreciate Linea loft kitchens featuring the latest technological innovations

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Your perfect kitchen – the heart of your family life

For families, the kitchen is often part of a larger space where you can communicate, enjoy time together, cook and savor a delicious meal. For such friendly families, we offer convenient and advantageous options of family kitchens with an island part of the work surface. In such a practical kitchen, all family members will have their favorite place and interesting things to do. Classic elements as well as bookshelves, sofa benches, writing tables... – we can offer you a multi-purpose option of family space in your kitchen.

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Design and convenience – top priority when choosing a kitchen

What are they like, the trendy kitchens of 2023? That is determined by your demand, dear friends. Year after year, demand is growing for kitchens that are full of modern technologies and feature innovations for ease of use. Fingerprint-free surfaces, smart lighting, ergonomics (lightness and ease of use), glass elements, black colors, renowned German quality, durability... these are just the top of the list of priorities that are driving this year's demand for our high-quality Linea kitchens.

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American style – practical space

Luminous space, functionality and the best trends in production – these are the distinctive features of the American kitchen style. These advantages have been already appreciated by admirers of German quality kitchens from the Linea manufacturer. Everything is well thought out in every detail. Every nook and corner has the right solutions for your comfort, so everything is within reach while not interfering with the space. The kitchen becomes a comfortable and relaxing place, where you can experiment and enjoy every movement, because all the elements of our kitchens are of the highest quality and tested.

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White and black – iconic design for chic interiors

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of black in modern design. Today it is one of the best-loved colors in interiors. The kitchen is no exception. The combination of white and black creates a classy contrast, which can be diversified with bright decorative inclusions. Meanwhile, shades of black and white allow you to avoid sharpness in the perception of the interior, and soften the contrast. These are versatile colors for interiors for many years to come. If you're still pondering what to choose and how long it will last, this impeccable style would be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

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Chateau kitchen style – exquisite finishing and charming luxury

More and more often we face custom requests for kitchen interiors, which can express the status of its owner and show the elements of luxury. Château style is just the right way to reveal your individuality, creating a cordial environment in the kitchen so you can invite guests or spend time with your family in a space with perfect lighting and furnishing. The luxury of this style is enhanced by modern developments, so with all the pathos, you will also enjoy the most comfortable solutions, from turning on the lights in the kitchen to charging your gadgets.

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