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Smart storage solutions

No matter how big or small your space is, the Hausmaster team will show you real wonders in organizing your storage areas, so you can use every inch of them more efficiently.
You'll be surprised how much more space you'll have with the Linea kitchen.

Space structuring

Different organizing systems for drawers and shelves provide a structured storage space for everything you want to store in your kitchen ranging from cutlery, condiments, trays, to wine collections. We use a variety of designs: easy-care plastic, noble solid wood, or a combination of both.
Our wide range of plastic or wood cutlery inserts allow you to organize your drawer space perfectly. They can be used in all drawers from 300 to 1200 mm wide with a side height of 561 mm. Some cutlery dividers are optionally available for a wall depth of 461 mm.

We also offer a new ergonomic solution - an internal drawer behind the front cabinets, which automatically pulls out with a grip.

Thanks to the size options, customized comfort and excellent access to the interior of the Linea corner cabinets, you can plan your kitchen freely. There is space even in the smallest corner.

One of the solutions for organizing space in the kitchen is a column cabinet with cushioned pull-out drawers, which quietly slide out of the cabinet and into it until the movement is gently dampened.

Important mini zones in the kitchen

One of the problem areas in the kitchen is the space for a standard apothecary cabinet. The Linea drawer with pull-out pharmacy compartment Junior is designed specifically for this purpose and features two adjustable hanging baskets with wooden bottoms and metal railing. Now you have furniture for pharmacy products!
Often we have little space next to the stove or cooktop, where everything needs to be within reach. For these kitchen zones the Hausmaster team offers ergonomic areas with a width of only 150 mm, where you can keep spices, cooking oil, cutlery... Linea kitchens will make you forget about the lack of space. The space will be always sufficient.

Drawers, dividers, containers...

There's always a drawer in the kitchen with total chaos inside. Say goodbye to mess! Linea kitchens have a wide range of inserts and containers for convenient storage of things and products. For example, the perfectly shaped drawers with a height of 14.4 cm guarantee plenty of storage space with elegant lines; the Concept cutlery insert, in anthracite, includes a knife holder; the Move cutlery insert, in silver grey, has a space for a foil spout, and more.

You'll be surprised how divider and bin systems are not only convenient, but also innovative for your future daily comfort and creativity! Every item will now have its own practical place!

SpaceFlexx® brings order to your drawers. This elastic divider stretches to fit the shape and size of your items.

Novelty of 2022 - the GBOX garden box with lighting for growing microgreens in 4 containers. The box has light control and ventilation!

Wooden oak cutlery insert with anti-slip mat is convenient
for various spices and knives and has
numerous compartments.

Practical and convenient solutions with dividers in the vegetable storage container are the most demanded ones in our add-ons. Everyone chooses them when planning their kitchen.

Linea smart kitchens offer more options for storing things and food. Discover lots of tips and ideas for organizing your kitchen in our videos, as well as from our kitchen consultants in the Hausmaster showroom.

You will get answers to many questions:

  • What is the best way to organize the lower cabinets?
  • What corner solutions are available?
  • Which waste sorting system should I choose?
  • What kind of drawers and niches are available for storing spices and cutlery?

What is the best way to organize the lower cabinets?

What corner solutions are available?

Which waste sorting system should I choose?