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Design and functionality

Functionality and ergonomics are the main features of Linea kitchens. Every design detail is important. Beauty is not only about fashion and style, but also about functionality. If you choose something, it will work 100%. Your guests won't even realize that the baseboard is also the ventilation, the shelves can move in any direction, and everything you need is at your fingertips.


Ventilation in the kitchen is crucial. It's not just about the hoods, but also about the circulation of fresh air. The aluminum railing skirting board is not only a stunning visual element shaped like an elegant grille, it is also mounted in 4 different heights for plinth ventilation. Direct ventilation through the skirting board means space saving and no extra openings or grilles. You might wonder who would ever worry about such things in the kitchen furniture industry. But the Linea kitchen brand manufacturer stands for tremendous experience and "everything from a single source". That's why you don't have to worry about hoods and fresh air. We already know how to do it invisibly in any kitchen.

LINERO-MOSAIQ shelving system

Open shelves are used in niches. What is the best way to organize the space correctly? We offer all-in-one solutions for open storage, they provide good visibility, accessibility and smart organization. This is the Linero-MosaiQ railing shelving system. The unique shelves look good plus make the niche functional: the niches impress with stylish lighting and organization systems. The perfect pantry can now be equipped with a practical storage system for all uses. Eye-catching, well-organized and practical design: the Linero-MosaiQ railing system provides maximum comfort in the kitchen.

TARA storage trays

Hausmaster showroom has an extensive range of functional kitchen helpers, since the manufacturer constantly improves our Linea kitchen system and elaborates kitchen design in terms of convenience and ergonomics. The result is practical and beautiful design elements that leave no one indifferent. There's a place for every useful thing. At the same time, all the details fit into a unified design and do not end up as dust collectors. For example, the Tara storage tray creates a well-structured space inside the worktops. The spice trays are available in stainless steel and in black, and fit perfectly into any kitchen design.

Enlarged DRAWERS

Nowadays, there is a great choice of all kinds of devices that would simplify work in the family kitchen. Just imagine that the universal slicer, or bread slicer, can not be somewhere in the cabinet on the top shelf, but right at your fingertips. At the same time, it can be folded and stored in a special compact drawer to save space. For this purpose, the Linea kitchen manufacturer has developed a series of drawers from 50 cm wide! These drawers are right under the countertop, are easy to use and are perfect for other appliances as well, making our lives in the kitchen much easier. High-quality wide and high drawers are a must-have for any housewife!


No matter how much space you have in your kitchen, it's never enough. But what if your kitchen is quite small? Is it possible to make it bigger? Yes, that's right, it is possible to add some space for a while! There are technological solutions that can be used to add worktops and shelves, temporarily enlarging the cooking, cutting and other areas. This is especially useful on days when waiting for guests to arrive. If necessary, the interior pull-out shelf can be installed in a floor cabinet or column ensuring extra comfort without cluttering the space with unnecessary furniture. The kitchen already looks like a construction set!