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About us

Hausmaster is the Israeli representative of Linea kitchens, which fit the lifestyle of many people and are the embodiment of German quality. We are the only ones who have built two separate exhibitions in our Hausmaster showroom in Israel simultaneously - for B2C ("business-to-consumer" sales without intermediaries) and for B2B ("business-to-business" sales). We see the kitchens as concept of quality, technology and superarchitecture: when you have details, imagination (desires) and possibilities, you can create a stunning kitchen architecture designed for perfect comfort!

Unique in the Israeli market

Hausmaster is a representative of the kitchen manufacturer that has been known on the world market since 1945. Our aim is to promote German products in the Israeli market, introducing the customer to the German quality of Linea kitchens. The Israeli customers now have the opportunity to benefit from the latest technological developments in their homes and enjoy every moment spent in the interior of a modern and innovative Linea kitchen.

Top advantages:

• we offer a turnkey kitchen - making your dream of finding a kitchen come true all from one company (all the way from consulting to installing everything you want to see in your kitchen);
• unbeatable product quality;
• innovative technologies, such as using biological adhesive;
• working exclusively with a reliable manufacturer;
• kitchen architecture possibilities.

Turnkey kitchen service

A turnkey kitchen is not just furniture, it's a complete kitchen, including appliances, quartz or ceramic surface. You get everything from a single supplier at Hausmaster.

We offer a German approach towards order fulfillment. The manufacturer and its network of representatives adhere to high standards at all stages and aspects of work:
1. The first appointment includes consulting in the showroom, determining the geometry of the kitchen and finding a solution together with you.
2. The second appointment is the first draft project of your dream kitchen. The kitchen expert determines the possibilities within the project, related to your budget. We will find the perfect combination of price and quality.
3. Making an order.
4. Laser measurement of premises with millimeter accuracy.
5. Project of the kitchen technical connection (electricity and plumbing - water and sewage, ventilation). This project will be perfectly adapted to the future kitchen.
6. Manufacturing and testing the kitchen on-site.
7. Delivery and professional assembly in several stages.

Collaboration with brands

Hausmaster also offers kitchen appliances and furniture from the world's leading brands:
- NEFF – premium built-in kitchen appliances (Bosch - Siemens) with a unique functional design that integrates perfectly into any kitchen; today, it's one of the leaders among the top brands for modern kitchens;
- SIEMENS – world-renowned appliances that combine innovative design and cutting-edge technology; we offer many models exclusively for Israel;
- ELICA – the world's leading manufacturer of hoods and the only manufacturer of downward exhaust hoods, which is highly relevant for gas stoves;
- KAISER – A brand of the German company OLAN-Haushaltsgerate, built-in appliances that match well the Chateau style or the American style of Linea kitchens;
- KOINOR – a Bavarian manufacturer of German furniture, including kitchen furniture (chairs, tables, etc.), which uses incredible technology for comfort and durability of use (e.g. power chairs). This new generation of modern furniture from a company with 70 years of experience, which is always keeping up with the times.

Hausmaster works only with world-renowned manufacturers. This makes a difference, because we can offer a kitchen equipped with all the highest quality components and accessories.

The Hausmaster team always focuses on quality and your creative request, your dream of perfect comfort. That is why the company's goal is to ensure that each of you gets the kitchen and the environment you dream of.

We have already burst into the Israeli market with unlimited innovations and ideas of German manufacturing plant and can offer a unique product - kitchen furniture in any style incorporating unique technologies. The main reason why we are the market leader in Israel is the high quality of our kitchens, which are ahead of your wishes, as well as the opportunity to order everything in one showroom.

More benefits of ordering kitchens in the Hausmaster showroom:

• product safety;
• kitchen ergonomics;
• favorable offers;
• constant improvement of our personnel (participation in exhibitions and trainings, including those devoted to the installation of innovative elements);
• focus on the perfect result;
• showroom expansion.

Your perfect kitchen at Hausmaster showroom

Linea kitchens feature a variety of styles to fit your needs. We believe that everyone deserves a kitchen that meets your needs down to the smallest detail. Our staff is always ready to help you find the perfect geometry and choose a kitchen for the comfort living.

Our team wants not just to please our customers, but to encourage them to be in a good mood, to have creative ideas and daily comfort in their unique kitchen. If you visit our showroom and get acquainted with the selection of kitchens from Germany, you will see what real German quality stands for, what international certification and multi-level testing in IQ laboratory means.

We are confident in the quality of all we can offer you - kitchens, appliances, furniture and laundry rooms. We are backed by daily support from the manufacturer in Germany and hold daily customer meetings in our showroom, where you have the opportunity to get the attention of our staff and support in choosing your perfect kitchen.

If you're looking for a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and needs, contact us. Hausmaster is the reliable partner for choosing your perfect kitchen.