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XTRA Ceramic – three-dimensional surface texture

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  • XTRA Ceramic – three-dimensional surface texture

The Xtra worktops are available in five options: one with solid wood imitation and four with natural stone imitation. The Xtra worktop has been awarded the "KüchenInnovation des Jahres® 2018" (Kitchen Innovation of the Year) award for consumer products, the pro-K Award and the prestigious Red Dot Award in the category "Produkt Design" (product design). Compared to conventional boards, multilayer boards are significantly stronger, more resistant to impact and less susceptible to swelling when exposed to water.

The kitchen is a family epicenter, a place for culinary creativity, delightful meals, and hosting guests. This is where life rushes in! That's why the surface has to be as resistant as possible to all possible mishaps. We present you the unique Xtra Ceramic, a long-lasting, low-maintenance ceramic surface that meets the highest requirements.

Scratch and cut resistance. Isn't this what you've been waiting and looking for? Sure, it's not a cutting board, but you don't have to worry: if the knife slips off, the surface will remain just as new and perfect.

Xtra Ceramic's water resistance means it leaves all competitors behind, because other surfaces swell over time and need to be replaced. What you get is a waterproof, long-lasting ceramic kitchen surface.

A stain-free kitchen is the dream of everyone who cook in it. This is possible with a ceramic surface, which has dirt-repellent properties. It's easy to take care of a stain-free kitchen - just wipe the kitchen surface with a damp cloth.

The extreme heat resistance of Xtra Ceramic kitchen surfaces saves you the worry of damaging your furniture. You get a quality you could only dream of.

Durable edges in a worktop that consists of real ceramic! We say "no" to flaking in the areas on the edges. You get lasting elegance and don't have to worry about the appearance of your kitchen.

This innovative element is flush mounted. It gives your kitchen an ultra modern and elegant look. Cleaning the seamless joint is now just a single movement and a real pleasure in your kitchen.