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Easy opening

The Linea brand stands for reliable technology and quality for long-lasting use. Visit the Hausmaster showroom and see the unique technology of the most modern kitchens, touch the details with your hands and feel how comfortable your daily use of such high quality kitchens is.

Glass slats CLIMBER

The electric glass slats open and close automatically thanks to touch control. For us, top quality and the best result is the perfect tandem of design and technology. Climber cabinet fronts in black and white glass impress with their modern look and convenience.

Innovations PROFI+

The satisfaction of working in the kitchen largely depends on a smart organization. That's why we have developed functional interior fittings that help keep your kitchen in perfect order. For comfortable use we offer the innovative Hausmaster drawer system - PROFI+, because durability is very important. More storage space and easy mounting and adjustment solutions are other benefits of this unique drawer system. Our kitchens use decades of experience and tried-and-tested solutions.

SENSYS hinges

Linea kitchens are equipped with Sensys hinges. This is the new hinge generation: the Silent System cushioning is invisibly integrated into the hinge. You get an innovation that meets the highest demands for comfort and functionality. The doors are closed with the slightest movement of the hand - evenly and silently. Thanks to the uniquely wide sliding range of 35°, the Sensys system provides an exclusive closing option. These are hinges with perfect cushioning and impeccable Linea design!


You no longer have to lean down or use your hands to open the bottom drawers in the kitchen. New technology puts usability at the top of the list! Electromechanical or touch-sensitive OPENING SUPPORT MECHANISM systems make it easier to open drawers in Linea kitchens. For example, the sensor underneath the bottom drawer is sufficient to open it easily. Thanks to the electrical drive for separate waste collection systems and Cargo and Syncro rears, the bottom drawers and pullouts are easy to open with a sensor in the plinth area. There is no need to touch the doors with your hands, which is always important, because your hands are usually full of other things.


Opening cabinets, especially upper ones, used to be quite inconvenient. But now it's time for modern Linea kitchens. We would like to introduce you to the Servo Drive motor-driven mechanism for hinged cabinets with hinged or folding / lift-up doors. Using the Servo Drive mechanism, hinged cabinets can be opened with just a light touch of the palm, and conveniently closed again by pressing the wireless switch built into the sides of the cabinet. This system is particularly convenient for opening the heavy door of a built-in refrigerator.

iMove innovative system

It is a unique smart drawer system that allows you to pull out all the contents with an elegant movement both down and in front of the cabinet. You get an ergonomic storage system for maximum user comfort. You will be amazed by the ease of operation, easy quick access to the stored products and maximum visibility of the shelves. iMove won the prestigious iF Product Design Award, which recognizes functionality and impeccable design. The capabilities of iMove were appreciated for its ability to significantly improve ergonomics in the upper cabinets of modern kitchens.

CLIMBER glass slats –
unique comfort in your life

The pull-out drawer –
silent pleasure

Opening the cabinet door
with one touch

hands-free opening

cabinets without handles

Innovative iMove system –
lowering the top shelves