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The art of creating environment

Optimal light planning in the kitchen is a must because lamps are more than just lights! The right lighting concept helps to create a good working environment in the kitchen, bringing it into sharp focus and creating a cosy environment.

When planning the lighting, Hausmaster specialists consider the following aspects:

• we make sure the work area is as uniform and shadow-free as possible in order to facilitate your daily work in the kitchen;

• in order to create a cozy and comfortable environment along with general lighting we create additional small "islands of light", especially in the seating areas;

• thanks to efficient LED technology and modern control systems, we can help you implement the best lighting options for your kitchen space.

Contact Hausmaster showroom and you will surely find new amazing ideas for lighting your kitchen with us.
Lighting, wherever it matters, is a reality with Linea kitchens.

LED illuminated shelves with remote control. A great way to customize your lighting

Glass bottom of the hinged cabinet with built-in lighting (it is used both as internal cabinet lighting and as niche lighting)

Wall cabinets with a continuous LED strip, ensuring even and soft illumination of the workplace

Built-in LED light, which can be installed on both the top and bottom panel of the wall cabinets

Emotion technology: most LED systems are equipped with Emotion technology, where the color temperature of the light is smoothly adjusted from cool white to warm white, avoiding any contrast with other light sources in the kitchen

The wall panels are also available with integrated LED lighting as an option.
The LED rail is equipped with Emotion technology
and serves to provide even and soft illumination
of the kitchen work area

LED edge lighting as a perfect combination of furniture and lighting elements

Internal LED cabinet lighting with integrated touch switch

LED plinth illumination (to be installed on the plinth upon individual request)