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Kitchen geometry

What is kitchen geometry and why is it one of the main things to consider when planning your kitchen at Hausmaster? Based on the size of the room and needs, we focus on the main types of kitchen geometry (layout types). These are T-, U-, L-shaped kitchens and options with an island. Our kitchen adviser will work with you to find the best solution to give you a comfortable, functional kitchen.

The T-shaped kitchen is the perfect kitchen for cooking kosher foods. Its design feature is that the two L-shaped kitchens are adjacent to each other. This allows you to cook different foods at the same time, and kosher foods separately. You actually have two spaces in the kitchen, each with its own sink and stove.

L-shaped layout is very popular because it is well adapted to large rooms. By planning the work area along two adjacent walls, you can achieve maximum freedom in placing other furniture pieces such as a table with chairs, an armchair, additional cabinets, etc..

The L-shaped kitchen with an island is a popular and practical solution for a large space. In this case, the island can be used both as a work surface for chopping, as a surface for the stove, and as a table for decor... It is a separation of work areas and maximum practicality for each family member.

The U-shaped kitchen is perfect for spacious rooms as well as compact spaces. In the compact version you get all the necessary surfaces at your fingertips. U-shaped geometry involves the formation of two internal corners and niches, making it essential to optimize the use of corner elements.

Parallel work areas. This is a wall kitchen and an island placed parallel to each other, but not necessarily the same length. In this case, the island is as if it separates the working space of the kitchen from the dining table and seating area. At the same time, the island is a place to spend time together making culinary masterpieces.

Single line kitchen. This kitchen geometry is the most compact and is used rarely - in the narrowest and smallest spaces or where cooking takes very little time and rarely happens. At the same time, this mini option has a place and demand in homes with minimalistic kitchen.