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About us

Hausmaster is the Israeli representative of Linea kitchens, which fit the lifestyle of many people and are the embodiment of German quality. We are the only ones who have built two separate exhibitions in our Hausmaster showroom in Israel simultaneously - for B2C ("business-to-consumer" sales without intermediaries) and for B2B ("business-to-business" sales). We see the kitchens as concept of quality, technology and superarchitecture: when you have details, imagination (desires) and possibilities, you can create a stunning kitchen architecture designed for perfect comfort!

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About the manufacturing plant

We are pleased to present the German manufacturer of Linea kitchens, which is over 75 years old. The brand is famous for its unbeatable German quality, producing around 3,500 kitchens every day. Quality control at all stages of production is ensured by a robotic process and high-precision assembly.

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About Linea brand

The Linea brand is a philosophy of creating your personal favorite place where you can feel comfortable and where all your personal needs are met. All of this is possible not only in the bedroom or in the reception area, but also in the kitchen - a place where you spend time together with your family and friends. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or want to create a cozy atmosphere - Linea kitchens are designed according to your wishes.

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What novelties do we offer? What are the design trends in kitchens and for instance kitchen niches? What are the features of the BioClay technology, and what is the innovation of this invention in kitchen production? How practical is glass and glass elements in a modern Linea kitchen? What socket solutions for charging mobile devices and laptops are available in Linea kitchens? There are no trivialities in our services. All the things that make you feel comfortable are important. Stay on top of the latest kitchen design trends to decide what you'd like to have in your home.

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Hausmaster truly cares about the opinions of its customers and provides turnkey kitchen planning and creation services at the highest level. This allows us not only to retain our regular customers, but also to attract new ones, thanks to the positive feedback and recommendations. You can always make an appointment at the showroom to have a kitchen professional help you decide on your desires and together develop the planning of your dream kitchen.

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